Building a unique brand around yourself as an individual is as important as the web business(es) you’re running. The reason I began to take heed to this was simply because the way I reacted to brands. Simply put, I trust people more than I do the “brands”. Looks like I’m not the only one. According to this Forbes article, audiences are just like me.

As I began to really take this personal branding stuff serious back in 2013, I gravitated to using Facebook, Twitter, then Instagram to not only share my business thoughts, but document my real life. Initially I was apprehensive, then I realized that it was also bringing new clients to my doorstep. The personal brand, “Ekeneslife” was coinciding with Ekenemedia, which then transitioned into BuildWebBusinesses, and everything else I do with digital marketing.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it was becoming easier for me to do a post about spending family time at the park, then a post about my new online course available for registration. Even as I write this, it seems almost foreign, but it brought a sense of authority and realness to what I do for living as a family man.

Here are some tips I have for some of you that may be trying to do the same:

  1. Be Authentic: There’s nothing worse than following someone trying to fake the funk.
  2. Don’s Sell All The Time: I once made the mistake of posting products I had for sell online everyday for 7 days straight and I lost followers. It’s annoying and I don’t recommend it.
  3. Share knowledge: I once did a weekly segment on Small Business Tips and I received a lot of engagement from local business owners. In fact, there was a business owner who noticed I was really into art, and we struck up conversations about the art scene. It was a common ground that soon led to doing business together in the future.
  4. Share what makes up your life: I was beginning to find that musicians, artists, runners and yogis were following me because I actually shared what make my life tick. It’s a wide variety of likes, but it’s what makes me. And, little did I know that it would creating new business relationships today.

How is your personal branding? Is it leading you to become an authority in your field. What comes up first when I search your name in Google? Is it your personal brand or business?

Take the time to flush it out and I can guarantee it will help grow your business in the future.





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