So, what topic are you passionate about? Food, sports, yoga, running, celebrity gossip, the list can go on and on. There is literally an endless list of possibilities. And, if for some reason you don’t know. Don’t worry because the quickest way to find out is to look at where you spend the most time in the web. Are you visiting your favorite sports teams sites? Cooking websites? etc.

Regardless of the topic, that’s where I’m going to have you start. Its what I call the passion pulse. The area within you that makes you tick everyday. Why? Well, you’ve heard it all the time from the most successful people in the world…

“If you do what you love, the money will follow.”

And, in this course I’m going to walk you step by step on how to build an autopilot news web business around that passion topic or topics. Along with this you’ll have the foundation to add revenue trigger points within the site to build extra income.

So, what are you going to learn in this course?

Well, let’s take a look at the finish product. I’m going to show you how to build this web business step by step. And, you don’t need to know any type of coding or programming whatsoever. It’s just going to be drag and drop, copy and paste, then by the end of the video you’re going to have your first news web business running on autopilot.

And, as you can see this news web business is just flowing with content that drives visitors to click through pages. Not to mention its super fast and SEO Optimized, which is unheard of in a free WordPress theme, but the talented developers at mythemeshop rose to the challenge and included their best search optimization.

What I tried to do was find a free theme that incorporated a lot of the design aspects of leading news web businesses such as digg, newsvine and huffintonpost, All that have marketing teams that have spent millions of dollars on web design research. So, they know what works to create a great user experience and get high click through rates for ad dollars.

In fact, the web business you’re looking at right now is currently owned and operated by me. Like any father, since the birth of my daughter, I’ve been focused on mastering the topic finances. The one thing I noticed was that there was tremendous amount of news flowing through the web, so I put together a list of credible and trustworthy sources and brought their content into one space to learn from. And, that was the birth of


So, if you like what you see, I’m going over a quick overview of what you need to get started.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. WP Autopilot Plugin
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Install Free WordPress Theme
  6. Install Free SSL for 90 days with Comoto
  7. Logo from from Tailor Brands (optional)
  8. Free Business PayPal account



  1. Domain Name: $12.95
  2. Web Hosting: $0.01 for first month
  3. WP Autopilot Plugin: $25 one time

Total upfront investment: $37.96

Monthly Investment:

  1. Web Hosting: $19.95

Total Monthly Investment: $19.95

*BE PREPARED: 3 months in you’ll incur a cost of $99.95 for SSL

Yearly Investment

  • Domain: $12.95
  • SSL = $99.95
  • Plugin = $25
  • Hosting = $219.45

Total Annual Investment = $357.35


2.1 Setup Hosting and Domain

So, whatever your idea is, it remains in oblivion without a domain and web hosting. Now, for those of you unaware, there is a difference and this picture created by breaks it down beautifully:

In a nutshell, you can have one without the other. If you had the house and furniture without the domain, no one would be able to find your home. You need all three.

Next, let’s setup your hosting and domain with hostgator.

If you’re wondering why I’m using Hostgator over other hosting providers, it’s simply because I’ve been a loyal customer with them since 2008 and I’ve yet to find any provider that provides the quality of support and reliability like they do.

Disclaimer: You are welcome to use another hosting provider, but this tutorial is based on hosting with HostGator. And, for selecting Hostgator as your provider, they have allowed me to pass on a huge savings on your initial investment to my students. Continue along to get it.

Throughout my 10 plus years of working with them, purchasing well over 100 domains and various hosting packages, Cloud Hosting Business Package to be the best fit for what we’re going to accomplish with this News Web Business.

Here are just some of the benefits I like:

  • It’s 2X Faster: this works magic for your visitors. No visitor likes a slow page loading site.
  • Scalability: Growing your site to larger than what the hosting package can handle may happen. And, when it does, this package makes the transition to suitable package seamless with one click and no downtime – huge huge benefit!
  • Overall you’re just going to get more bang for your buck if you’re in this business for the long run like myself.

Here’s how to setup hosting:

  1. Go to (Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link so I will receive a commission for you helping you get setup.)
  2. Select Cloud Hosting
  3. Select Buy Now under the Business Cloud
  4. Enter your domain to see if its available
  5. Select the Billing Cycle (1 month to save upfront)
  6. Security PIN
  7. Enter your Billing Info
  8. Select to Add any Additional Services if needed
  9. Next the important step is to add the COUPON CODE: EKENEWEBPENNY then select validate
  10. You’ll then see a significant discount
  11. Agree to the terms and Congratulations! You’re Done!

Go to your Email Inbox to get your login information

Once you’ve received the information, you can then go to your Customer Portal and I’ll see you on the next video to show you how it works.

2.2: Understanding the Customer Portal

Since working with Hostgator for the past ten years, I’ve seen a significant improvement to their backend area. It’s become a lot easier to navigate.

The my Account, Billing, Domains and Support Tab are self explanatory, so I’ll focus on the Hosting tab, which is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

With the Hosting Tab, the first section is Server Performance. This is the area to check page load speed which I mentioned before is important to keep visitors coming back to your site. You typically want to see it below 2 seconds to be in good shape.

As far as the other segments like, Server Uptime, CPU Load Average, etc. I wouldn’t be too concerned with that as a beginner.

Next, I would like to walk you through the next tab: Hosting Dashboard. You’ll be spending most of your time here when you setup. In this area you’ll be able to take advantage of all the cool special offers you get with your business package that others don’t such as, Bing $100 credit and Google Adwords $100 credit which will come in handy to prepare for launch.

This is also the area where you’ll be able to create emails which will do later, and launch the quick install.

Let’s move onto Website Traffic. The nice thing about this package is that you’ll also get access to site traffic analytics from your last 300 visitors. If you’re interested in the web analytics of things (which you should), I’ll have another course that dives into how to learn the basics of web analytics, so stay tuned.

As far as the Website Traffic & Logs section, I would hold off on this data until you’re ready for it. It can be a bit confusing for beginners to understand.

Another area you’ll want to hold off until later will be the Files & Folders section. This is the area you’ll use to manage and edit the files in your account.

Next is the domains section which you will use as you grow into multiple web businesses. Remember that with this account you’ll be able to add an unlimited number of domains, which is something I love! Simply because I’m one of those guys that can think up a name, grow a business out of it, then resell it for profit in the future. That’w what I do and I love it. You’ll soon see that web business flipping is fun and profitable business.

So, anytime you buy a domain, you’re going to want to add it here by selecting the ADDON DOMAINS button. If you want to create subdomains, for example,, or, you’ll want to do it by selecting the subdomains button.

On the section below, you’ll be able to add parked domains, redirects and all of that other fun stuff as you learn more.

The last section I want to touch on because the rest is if you upgrade, will be the SSL Certificates. Another benefit you’ll receive with this package is the free ssl you get. This will save you $99.95 a year for one domain.

Select the SSL Certificate section, then select the domain you want the SSL to be added onto.

Just a quick overview of SSL.

SSL stands for secure socket layer.

Take a look at this diagram. This your website with out SSL, then this is your website with SSL.

Big difference.

2.3: Setup Web Business Email

Anytime I setup a web business, I focus on creating three emails:

Here’s how to setup email:

  1. Navigate to the Email section
  2. Select Create a new email account
  3. Enter the name of your email
  4. Quota: 500 MB
  5. Enter password, then create account


The last step is to make sure emails sent to the account get forwarded to your primary email (i.e., gmail, yahoo, etc). In order to that you’ll have to scroll down to the Email section and go to the Email forwarder link, select the Add Forwarder button and enter your email address.

And now you’ve got your email setup!

In the next lesson I’ll give you a basic understanding of what WordPress is, how to set it up along with the essentials to get going.

2.4: Setup WordPress with Basic Essentials

Let’s start off with What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System on the planet. In fact, it powers 26% of the websites you see on the web. So, when it comes to being trustworthy and reliable, you’ll be in good company. They have a tremendous amount of support articles, forums and more to get help if you ever need it. Another thing is that it doesn’t require any programming language or coding to use.

It’s funny. Ii remember back in 2008, installing WordPress used to be a tedious process. Now, with the enhancement of technology, you can literally do it with one click.

Here’s how to do it directly from your Hostgator Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to Hosting Dashboard
  2. Scroll to Launch Quickinstall
  3. Select the Free link under the WordPress section
  4. Select your domain from the drop down menu
  5. Click the Next button
  6. Enter the necessary information (i.e., Blog Title, Username, etc)
  7. It will then show that you’re 100% complete
  8. Copy and paste the user name onto a text document
  9. Then click the link to your new wordpress dashboard admin area

Congratulations, you officially have installed WordPress.

Now I want to take you through some of my basic essentials I like to get done before launching.

Firstly, the password WordPress gives us initially can be a bit difficult to remember, so I immediately change it with these following steps:

  • Scroll to your profile section under the users menu tab
  • Navigate to the ‘Generate Password’ button
  • Change it to something memorable but receives at least a ‘Good’, ‘Strong’ or ‘Very Strong’

Second, I change the tagline with the following steps:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select General
  • Change the Tagline

Lastly, I change the permalink for SEO purpose and just ease of discoverability.

  • Stay in the settings
  • Select Permalinks
  • Select post name

Just common sense says it’s better. Right?

As far as how this impact SEO and search visibility, I’ll get into that in a later course.

Alright, so now you’ve got WordPress installed, along with the basic essentials to move forward we can transition into creating pages and subpages.

2.5: Install Recommended Plugins

  • W3 Total Cache
    • As I eluded to earlier, your page speed plays an important role to the growth of your web business. W3 Total Caches helps you optimize your site for speed and performance.
  • Login Lockdown
    • Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range.
  • Sucuri
    • The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is free to all WordPress users. It is a security suite meant to complement your existing security infrastructure.
  • WP Clone
    • Allows you to create a clone of your existing website.

2.6 Creating the About Page


First of all the most important page of all is your about page. The About page is one of the most highly visited pages on a website. Believe it or not, visitors want to know about why you created the site and what they’re going to get out of it.

Here’s a Growth Tip: Take advantage of the visit, and use it as a lead capture page to get their email address.

Here’s my ABOUT page template:

As you can see I break down into four sections;

  • thank you
  • about my visitors
  • about me
  • origins
  • the vision

Here’s my About page for my Autopilot News Web Business; :

Welcome, I’m Ekene Agwuenu!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit You could be on any site, but you chose mine and that means the world to me.

I created this news site after the birth of my daughter (in the photo below with my partner). It was at a time where I developed a passion for learning about what it takes to become financially literate.

Yep. I’m 35, with a family and I still need more knowledge. Believe it or not, they define financial literacy as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”

So, it looks like this will be a long journey.

Who was this site created for?

This site is for anyone looking for reliable news, resources and general information to help them become financially literate. Hence the tagline, Financial literacy for all.

How did I start the site?

Like I said previously, with the birth of our daughter, the passion for upping the ante on knowledge of personal finance kicked in. And, this was when I researching over 50 different blogs and websites a day.

After it became a time suck, I decided to simply pull their content onto the site to share for everyone. This way its a win-win-win for the content creators and visitors like me.

*All content is credited to it’s original creator.


This industry can be confusing. So, my vision is to build a community of people ready to learn and apply knowledge about what it takes to cultivate a lifetime of financial well-being.

Not sure where to start?

Get a Daily Bite Size List of 3 – 5 Growmoneyology Tips for Financial Literacy sent directly to your inbox!

Enter your email address below to start cultivating a lifetime of financial well-being.

2.7: Creating the Contact Page


How Can I Help?

Got questions, constructive feedback or want to contribute?

I’m here and open to anything you want to get answers to. If I don’t have the answer, you better believe I’ll go and figure it out.

Want to write a guest post or interview an industry insider?

Feel free to join the Growmoneyology Team today. Tell me what you want to do and I’ll add you to the SQUAD. You’ll get a spot on the team which comes with:

  • A email address
  • Your own category for post submission
  • Author and contributor status
  • A share of the profits you bring in from Ad sales $$$ 🙂

Just select, Join the team in the drop down menu.

Here for advertising opportunities?

We’re assuming by now, you’ve read our Advertise page. If not, we suggest taking a look at it before contacting us to ensure our values align.

If you’re ready, select the Advertise with us section on the drop down menu.

The form includes:

*Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, thank you.





See how to create a Form with WP Forms Section.

2.8: Creating the Advertise Page


We welcome all advertising partners that align with our mission to serve our visitors with reliable and trustworthy information, products or services related to improving financial literacy.

We can bring you traffic, customers and trust if you align with our mission and values to serve.


1,231 Page Views

130 Page views daily

Americas: 76%

Africa: 2%

Asia: 4%

Europe: 16%

Oceania: 4%


25 – 34 = 56%

35 – 44 =

45 – 54 =

18 – 24 =

55 – 64 =


Advertising Options

Banner Advertising

You can purchase a 728×90 banner ad placement at the home page header, top or bottom of each post to grab relevant traffic and brand awareness.

Sponsored Post

Since our focus is on providing reliable and trustworthy news and information to our visitors, a sponsored post on our platform can provide you brand with credibility.

Daily Email Feature

Our email list consist of a growing community of novice and aspiring cryptocurrency investors that sign up to receive, our daily list of 10 Things to Know About Crypto Investing Today.

Ready to get started?

Let’s connect and workout a strategy that is mutually beneficial. Any budget is welcome.


2.9: Creating the FAQ Page


The key thing with FAQ pages is to answer questions that pop up frequently. Pretty simple. Now, since this is your first web business, you can use my template for FAQs below:


What’s the site about? is a media platform created for people to learn and share knowledge about financial literacy. Our mantra is, “Financial literacy for all.”

What can I find here?

You’re going to find topics from hot topics, fresh news, videos, interviews, tutorials, products and services, companies to look out for in the industry, and more.


How do I join the team as a contributor?

Whether you want to be writer, connect with insiders in the industry, sell ad spaces for a share of the profits, or just want to be part of something bigger than yourself, reach out here.

2.10: Terms of Use (optional)


Go to Termsfeed to generate your page

2.11: Creating the Privacy Policy Page


Go to Termsfeed to generate your page

2.12: Creating the Affiliate Disclaimer Page


I, Ekene Agwuenu, owner and operator of CRYPTOINVESTORTODAY.COM also serve as an affiliate marketer that earns commissions from affiliate partners. When visitors read content on the site, then click on link for a particular product or service to buy something from the retailer, I earn a commission from the retailer.

It is not the responsibility of CRYPTOINVESTORTODAY.COM for what happens after the visitor leaves our site. We ask that you invest responsibly and conduct due diligence with every action taken within the industry.


3.1: Setup The Point WordPress Theme


The Point Theme is a free Multipurpose Responsive WordPress theme created by MyThemeShop. It is by far one of the fastest free themes available on the market. It is also SEO Optimized, which might I add, is unheard of for a free theme, but they rose to the challenge.

Let’s get started with the installation process:

  • Visit mythemeshop and search The Point under the Free Themes Section
    • FYI: I do earn a small commission if you decide to buy anything.
  • Sign up
  • Download the Theme to your computer
  • Right click to Compress it into a .zip file
  • Log back into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to the Appearance section
  • Select Add New
  • Select Upload Button
  • Find the .zip file and add the point theme


  • Select all plugins
  • Select the ‘Install’ from the drop down
  • Select the ‘Activate’ from the drop down


  • Navigate to Tools
  • Select Import

*Reminder: At times the demo data does not bring over the files and attachments, so it may still be bare for the moment. Don’t worry. Once you turn on autopilot mode to start pulling content from your sources it will look much better.

3.2: Setup Post Categories

Before you know it content will be flowing in Autopilot Clicks on, so you’ll want to know exactly which categories you want on your site for visitors.

Heres a short list of categories I use for GROWMONEYOLOGY:

  • Annuities
  • Banking
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Book Reviews
  • Budgeting
  • Career
  • College & Education
  • Credit Cards
  • Deals & Offers
  • Debt
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Family
  • Frugal Living
  • Giving Back
  • Home Improvement
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement

3.3: Finding the Right Content Sources

STEP 1: Pull up a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers

STEP 2: Go to Google and search for the TOP ‘YOUR PASSION TOPIC’ BLOGS IN 2018

STEP 3: Copy each RSS link (if its publicly displayed) to the name of the blog on your spreadsheet

BONUS TIP: Pull Google RSS FEEDS for a search topic

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Search “Money Management Tips”

STEP 3: Tap ‘Create an Alert’

STEP 4: After creating the alert, select the pencil to customize your settings

STEP 5: Make your settings whatever you want them to be. The most important part is to go to the “Deliver to” and select the drop down and click RSS feeds

STEP 6: Select Update, then copy and past the RSS Link to your spreadsheet next to the name

3.4: Turn ON Autopilot Mode

There are a number wordpress plugins that allow you to pull content from various source. I have yet to find any plugins that match up to the quality, reliability and price of the WordPress Automatic Plugin. It simply makes magic happen.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the sales. Along with that ValvePress is an Elite Author with a ton of credibility amongst the community, so you’ll definitely be in good hands. I also must say that I am not responsible for any support issues you run into with the plugin.

Please refer to the support articles and comments for help.


There is a small investment of $25 to get the plugin. In my opinion its way underpriced for the value you get. But, who am I to complain. HAHA

Here’s how to get it going:

  • Visit the WordPress Automatic Plugin page on Themeforest
  • Select Add to Cart button
  • After making your purchase, you’ll see the plugin available in your downloads section
  • Download the Installation Files to your computer


  • Navigate to your plugins section
  • Select Add New
  • Upload the .zip file of the plugin to your site
  • Activate the plugin

Congratulations you’ve got the plugin installed!

Next, let’s setup your first Feed. Open up the documentation folder in you plugin download, then navigate to index.html to see the instructions from the plugin developer.

And, we’ll take it from there.

3.5: Setup Free PayPal Business Account

A PayPal is one of the most trusted and safest way to do business online. It offers credit card security for your visitors and allows you to accept payments instantly that can be transferred to your bank account.

To get setup, visit PayPal, then make sure to setup a business account with the email you setup previously.

3.6: Overview of Revenue Trigger Points

What are Revenue Trigger Points?

These are spots on your website that when are clicked by visitors give you a chance to earn revenue. For example, a link to an affiliate product or services in your text, or a banner advertisement, or better yet, the buy now button in you e-commerce store.

When it comes to web businesses, there are an infinite number of ways to make money. For this  News Web Business we’ve built the focus will be on one to get you started without confusion.

Revenue Trigger Point #1 &  #2:

  • Banner Ad: 728×90
    • Here’s a sample header ad code:
      • <a href=”YOURLINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”SOURCE LINK FOR THE BANNER AD IMAGE”></a>
  • Sign up for Email List
    • Navigate to Customize under the Appearance
    • Go to Header Settings
    • Add your text and link

The point theme comes with the following:

  • 728×90
  • 125×125
  • 300×250

Now that you know where they are and their sizes, lets talk about what you’ll place there. Since you don’t have any traffic at the moment, selling ad spaces to clients is out of the question.

So, to get started you can use those spaces to promote products and services from your affiliate partners to earn commissions.

3.7: The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Essentially affiliate marketing is when a merchant partner pays you a commission in return for a sell made by a visitor you sent them.

3.8: Setup your First Affiliate Partnerships

For this course, I’ll give you a brief overview and help you get setup with your first 4 affiliate programs to start promoting with your New News Web Business:


There are obviously tons more to choose from that coincide with your platform.

These are optional and choose the best fit for your business.

3.9: Get your Content on Google

Google is the number one search engine in the world. And, search happens to be the one of the top three ways people discover content on the web. So, by not having your site content on Google, you’re pretty much undiscoverable unless its through word of mouth.

Visit this link to get started. If you run into any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

3.10: How to Backup your Hard Work

In the previous lesson when your installed required plugins, I asked you to install the WP Clone Plugin. This along with backing up on your hosting account will secure you data in the event that your site goes down for any number of reasons.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to backup your website.

  1. Go to the plugins section and search WP Clone
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Scroll to WP Clone section
  4. Generate Backup
  5. Copy the link and place it somewhere safe
  6. You’re done!


4.1: Setup Logo and Branding for your Web Business

When it comes to branding and identity for your web business, it is by far the number one piece to the success of attracting visitors. How it looks and feels does so much that it can actually grow your business in the long run.

Think of all the brands you trust right now. The first thing you probably think of is their logo and colors for their corporate identity. So, why is your web business any different?

In this section I’ll be giving you a brief overview of how to setup branding with Tailor Brands.

I’ve been a loyal customer with Tailor Brands since 2016 and I can tell you from first hand experience that they know what they’re doing. It’s simple and quick to get the branding you need for your new web business.

4.2: Follow the GROWMONEYOLOGY.COM Case Study

4.3: Get Accountability, Support & Training



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