Overview of the Course

So, what topic are you passionate about in your local community? Food, sports, yoga, running, family living, the list can go on and on. There is an endless list of possibilities. Regardless of the topic, that’s where I’m going to have you start.


Well, you probably clicked on this video because you want to run a web business. And, I was once told by a successful entrepreneur mentor of mine;

“If you do what you love, the money will follow.”

My name is Ekene Agwuenu, Founder of Build Web Businesses. I’m going to walk to you through step by step on how to build your first local news web business around that passion topic you’ve selected. Along with this you’ll have the foundation to add revenue trigger points within the site to maximize your income. So, what are we going to be building?

Well, lets take a look at the finished product. I’m going to show you how to build a local news web business like Bksgoodnews step by step. And, you don’t need to know any type of coding or programming whatsoever. It’s going to be drag and drop, copy and paste, then by the end of the video you’re going to have your first local news web business.

As you can see this news site is flowing with content that’s easy to read and drives visitors to click through pages, which increases the value of your business. Not to mention its super fast, with a focus on Content first, with clean layouts that look great on laptops, tablets, phones and any other screen.

It’s also actively developed with top-notch support from the talented developer; Ben Sibley, Founder of Compete Themes.

What I tried to do was find a free theme that incorporated a lot of the design aspects of the leading news site New York Times, which attracts millions of visitors a day and have a marketing team that has spent millions of dollars on web design research. So, they know what works to create a great user experience and get high click through rates for ad dollars.

What You Need

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. WP Autopilot Plugin (optional)
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Install Free Mission News Theme
  6. Logo from Tailor Brands (optional)
  7. Free Business PayPal Account

Setup Hosting and Domain

Throughout my 10 plus years of working with them, purchasing well over 100 domains and various hosting packages, Cloud Hosting Business Package to be the best fit for what we’re going to accomplish with this News Web Business.

Here are just some of the benefits I like:

  • It’s 2X Faster: this works magic for your visitors. No visitor likes a slow page loading site.
  • Scalability: Growing your site to larger than what the hosting package can handle may happen. And, when it does, this package makes the transition to suitable package seamless with one click and no downtime – huge huge benefit!
  • Overall you’re just going to get more bang for your buck if you’re in this business for the long run like myself.

Here’s how to setup hosting:

  1. Go to hostgator.com (Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link so I will receive a commission for you helping you get setup.)
  2. Select Cloud Hosting
  3. Select Buy Now under the Business Cloud
  4. Enter your domain to see if its available
  5. Select the Billing Cycle (1 month to save upfront)
  6. Security PIN
  7. Enter your Billing Info
  8. Select to Add any Additional Services if needed
  9. Next the important step is to add the COUPON CODE: EKENEWEBPENNY then select validate
  10. You’ll then see a significant discount
  11. Agree to the terms and Congratulations! You’re Done!

Go to your Email Inbox to get your login information

Once you’ve received the information, you can then go to your Customer Portal and I’ll see you on the next video to show you how it works.

Setup WordPress with Basic Essentials

Let’s start off with What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System on the planet. In fact, it powers 26% of the websites you see on the web. So, when it comes to being trustworthy and reliable, you’ll be in good company. They have a tremendous amount of support articles, forums and more to get help if you ever need it. Another thing is that it doesn’t require any programming language or coding to use.

It’s funny. I remember back in 2008, installing WordPress used to be a tedious process. Now, with the enhancement of technology, you can literally do it with one click.

Here’s how to do it directly from your Hostgator Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to Hosting Dashboard
  2. Scroll to Launch Quickinstall
  3. Select the Free link under the WordPress section
  4. Select your domain from the drop down menu
  5. Click the Next button
  6. Enter the necessary information (i.e., Blog Title, Username, etc)
  7. It will then show that you’re 100% complete
  8. Copy and paste the user name onto a text document
  9. Then click the link to your new wordpress dashboard admin area

Congratulations, you officially have installed WordPress.

Now I want to take you through some of my basic essentials I like to get done before launching.

Firstly, the password WordPress gives us initially can be a bit difficult to remember, so I immediately change it with these following steps:

  • Scroll to your profile section under the users menu tab
  • Navigate to the ‘Generate Password’ button
  • Change it to something memorable but receives at least a ‘Good’, ‘Strong’ or ‘Very Strong’

Second, I change the tagline with the following steps:

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select General
  • Change the Tagline

Lastly, I change the permalink for SEO purpose and just ease of discoverability.

  • Stay in the settings
  • Select Permalinks
  • Select post name

As far as how this impact SEO and search visibility, I’ll get into that in a later course.

Alright, so now you’ve got WordPress installed, along with the basic essentials to move forward we can transition into creating pages and subpages.

Install & Activate Mission Theme

  1. Visit the Appearance menu in your dashboard
  2. Click the Add New button at the top of the screen
  3. Use the search bar on the right side of the screen to search for Mission News
  4. Hover over Mission News in the search results, and click the Install button
  5. Once the page reloads, click the Activate link to activate Mission News
  6. Congratulations you’ve officially installed the theme

Customize Your Menu

By default, the primary menu will contain all of the published pages on your site, listed in alphabetical order. Mission News has an optional secondary menu as well that will be empty by default.

As you publish new Pages, they will simply be added to the primary menu. However, you can create a custom menu to change this.

With a custom menu, you get full control over which Pages are included, and in what order. In fact, you can even add links to Categories, Posts or anything else you’d like. View the tutorial on how to Customize Your Menu.

When you installed WordPress, you were asked to provide a site title. That same  site title is displayed at the top of your site, in the header.

With Mission News Theme, you can replace the site title with your custom logo instead. If you don’t have a logo, you can create one like I did with Tailor Brands. Theres a small charge, but well worth it if you’re not equipped with the skills to create your own.

If you rather not add your own logo, you can skip this section. Otherwise, follow this tutorial to learn how to upload, position and resize your logo.

Add Your Social Icons

There are two types of social icons:

  1. Icons that link to your profile
  2. Icons/buttons that share your content

Most themes, including Mission News, have a way to add social icons that link to your social profiles. This provides a stylish way to link to your profiles, so your visitors can find and follow you on your social networks. These icons are usually included in the header or in a widget.

Social sharing icons/buttons are added to make it easier to share your content. They are typically added with plugins, like Simple Share Buttons Adder . These icons are usually included before and/or after Post content.

As mentioned, Mission News provides a simple way to add icons in the header linking to your social profiles. Follow this tutorial to add yours.

Create About Page

First of all the most important page of all is your about page. The About page is one of the most highly visited pages on a website. Believe it or not, visitors want to know about why you created the site and what they’re going to get out of it.

Here’s a Growth Tip: Take advantage of the visit, and use it as a lead capture page to get their email address.

Here’s my ABOUT page template:

As you can see I break down into four sections;

  • thank you
  • about my visitors
  • about me
  • origins
  • the vision

Here’s my About page for my Autopilot News Web Business; bksgoodnews:

Welcome, I’m Ekene Agwuenu…

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit bksgoodnews.com. You could be on any site, but you chose mine and that means the world to me.

I created this news site simply because I was mentally exhausted of opening up my Brooklyn news feed to find nothing but depressing and non-inspiring content. You see, I’m all about the belief that you are the content you consume.

Before the days of being connected via the devices in our palms, we didn’t really have to worry so much about content consumption. Now, more than ever it’s becoming even more important to be aware of this statement.

In short, I’m not here to be a debbie downer on the news because we need it. My job with this platform is to help shine light on the good news happening across the Borough. And, believe it or not, good news is happening every minute.

Whether it’s a new baby being born, anniversary, birthdays, new music, album, art, accomplishments, educational achievements, first time home buyers, active and health accomplishments, scholarships received, new businesses being opened, and the list can literally go on and on til the end of time.

Who was this site created for?

This site is for anyone looking to discover and share any good news happening with the Borough of Brooklyn.

How did I start Bksgoodnews?

With WordPress, twitter, instagram and scouring the web for good news happening in Brooklyn.

Want to contribute?

Submit your good news content here.

Want to stay connected?

Sign up for the daily good news in BK newsletter to lift your vibes up, then follow Bksgoodnews on twitter and instagram.


Create the Contact Page


How Can We Help?

Got questions, constructive feedback or want to contribute?

I’m here and open to anything you want to get answers to. If I don’t have the answer, you better believe I’ll go and figure it out.

Want to write a guest post or interview an industry insider?

Feel free to join the Bksgoodnews Team today. Tell me what you want to do and I’ll add you to the SQUAD. You’ll get a spot on the team which comes with:

  • A bksgoodnews.com email address
  • Your own category for post submission
  • Author and contributor status
  • A share of the profits you bring in from Ad sales $$$ 🙂

Just select, Join the team in the drop down menu.

Here for advertising opportunities?

We’re assuming by now, you’ve read our Advertise page. If not, we suggest taking a look at it before contacting us to ensure our values align.

If you’re ready, select the Advertise with us section on the drop down menu.

The form includes:

*Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, thank you.





See how to create a Form with WP Forms Section.

Create a Advertise Page

HOW TO CREATE AN ADVERTISE PAGE – Heres a blueprint to follow:

We welcome all advertising partners that align with our mission to serve our visitors with reliable and trustworthy information, products or services related to improving financial literacy.

We can bring you traffic, customers and trust if you align with our mission and values to serve.


  • Page views
  • Visits daily
  • Social media followers
  • Newsletter signups

Advertising Options

Banner Advertising

You can purchase a 728×90 banner ad placement at the home page header, top or bottom of each post to grab relevant traffic and brand awareness.

Sponsored Post

Since our focus is on providing reliable and trustworthy news and information to our visitors, a sponsored post on our platform can provide you brand with credibility.

Daily Email Feature

Our email list consist of a growing community of novice and aspiring cryptocurrency investors that sign up to receive, our daily list of 10 Things to Know About Crypto Investing Today.

Ready to get started?

Let’s connect and workout a strategy that is mutually beneficial. Any budget is welcome.


Setup Post Categories

Post categories organize the content for your site. You can get started by navigating to the posts —> categories —> Add new

Here’s a list of the categories I’m using for Bksgoodnews:

  • Active Life
  • Arts
    • Art & Design
    • Books
    • Dance
    • Film & Movies
    • Music
    • Television
    • Photography
  • Business
  • Fashion & Style
  • Food
  • Nightlife
  • Neighborhoods
    • Northwestern Brooklyn
      • Brooklyn Heights
      • Brooklyn Navy Yard
      • Cadman Plaza
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Tech

Download and Activate WP Auto Plugin (optional)

There are a number wordpress plugins that allow you to pull content from various source. I have yet to find any plugins that match up to the quality, reliability and price of the WordPress Automatic Plugin. It simply makes magic happen.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the sales. Along with that ValvePress is an Elite Author with a ton of credibility amongst the community, so you’ll definitely be in good hands. I also must say that I am not responsible for any support issues you run into with the plugin.

Please refer to the support articles and comments for help.


There is a small investment of $25 to get the plugin. In my opinion its way underpriced for the value you get.

Here’s how to get it going:

•Visit the WordPress Automatic Plugin page on Themeforest

•Select Add to Cart button

•After making your purchase, you’ll see the plugin available in your downloads section

•Download the Installation Files to your computer


•Navigate to your plugins section

•Select Add New

•Upload the .zip file of the plugin to your site

•Activate the plugin

Congratulations you’ve got the plugin installed!

Next, let’s setup your first Feed. Open up the documentation folder in you plugin download, then navigate to index.html to see the instructions from the plugin developer.

And, we’ll take it from there.

Finding the Right Content Sources (Autopilot Mode Only)

STEP 1: Pull up a spreadsheet in Excel or Numbers

STEP 2: Go to Google and search for the TOP ‘YOUR PASSION TOPIC’ BLOGS IN 2018

STEP 3: Copy each RSS link (if its publicly displayed) to the name of the blog on your spreadsheet

BONUS TIP: Pull Google RSS FEEDS for a search topic

STEP 1: Go to google.com/alerts

STEP 2: Search “Money Management Tips”

STEP 3: Tap ‘Create an Alert’

STEP 4: After creating the alert, select the pencil to customize your settings

STEP 5: Make your settings whatever you want them to be. The most important part is to go to the “Deliver to” and select the drop down and click RSS feeds

STEP 6: Select Update, then copy and past the RSS Link to your spreadsheet next to the name

Turn ON Autopilot Mode

To get started with the WP Automatic Plugin, select the index.html file in the Downloaded folder within the Documentation folder. If you have any questions, please refer them to the plugin author. View the photo below:

Add Posts to the Sidebars

In the Mission News live demo site, you can see lists of posts added stylishly to the sidebars.

Mission News comes with a special widget called Recent Posts Extended. It’s similar to the default Recent Posts widget, but with it, you can choose between multiple styles, included Featured Images and bylines, and more.

Learn all about the Recent Posts Extended widget in the following tutorial.

Add Widgets

Widgets can be used to add any type of content you want to your site. WordPress includes a handful of default widgets, such as categories, most recent posts, and tags. However, there are thousands of other widgets available.

You can add any type of content imaginable with widgets, like Youtube videos, weather forecasts, product reviews, tweets, and more.

In order to add a widget to your site, it has to be placed into a “widgetized” area. Mission News has seven of these widget areas:

  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Ad Spot – Below Header
  • Ad Spot – After First Post
  • Ad Spot – Above Post
  • Ad Spot – After Post Content
  • Ad Spot – After Page Content

Follow this tutorial to learn how to add widgets to Mission News:

Customize Your Post Excerpts

When you first install WordPress, all of your Posts will show on the homepage. The page with your Posts can also be referred to as the Blog or Posts Page.

With Mission News, each Post on the Blog will include a 30 word excerpt using the first 30 words in the Post.

Mission News gives you a lot of control over what text you want shown in the excerpts. To learn how to fully customize your Post excerpts, check out this tutorial.

Congratulations, you’re done!


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